distance_learning.jpgIn 2010, the State of Ohio brought forth a collaboration of 15 schools statewide to build an online tutoring platform for college students. This platform offers flexibility to students because it has more extended hours than traditional face to face tutoring offered on campus.

eTutoring is available to students in member schools. Tutors are from each of the schools and include faculty, distinguished retired professors and top notch graduate students. Their services include the following:

  • Online Writing Lab: Students can submit up to three rough drafts and have their work commented on and edited in less than 48 hours. Note: the tutors will not rewrite the composition but make suggestions for changes within the text.
  • E-chat live tutoring: Students can sign-in to sessions and get live help or post questions on the board to get help from tutors in Accounting, Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Math and Statistics.
  • E-questions: Students can post questions about writing and English and get answers about formatting, language or grammar. Note: the tutors will not answer the question for the student, but provide guidance toward the correct one.

Note: the tutors will not give the correct answer, but will give helpful hints and information to point the student to the answer.

eTutoring also provides students with other resources to help students find the answers they need if tutors are not immediately available.