Test Prep

Usually, college entrance exams are taken during your junior and senior years in high school. You may take them more than once to improve their results. A huge number of test-prep guides are available online and at libraries and bookstores, as well as from private companies.

  • The PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) is offered to sophomores and juniors. This practice test helps prepare you for the SAT Reasoning Test and also enters you in the competition for National Merit Scholarships.
  • The ACT PLAN program helps sophomores get a feel for where they are academically. The PLAN also gives advice on career options based on current interests.
  • Some colleges require students to take one or more SAT subject tests (also known as SAT II tests). It is smart to take these tests as soon as you've finished a class in that subject (English, mathematics, many sciences, history, and foreign languages). This could mean taking SAT subject tests as a high school freshman or sophomore. Make sure to ask your high school counselor about these tests early in your high school years.
  • The ACT is offered to high school students. The ACT is a 5 part test with 4 sections of multiple choice questions (reading comprehension, English, science reasoning and math) and one optional writing potion. You can take the test as many times as you feel is necessary. In fact, some colleges and universities will take the composite score (the best score on each section from different tests).
  • The SAT is offered to high school students. The SAT is a 3 part test with 2 multiple choice sections (critical reasoning and math) and a writing section which combines multiple choice with a written essay. You can take SAT more than once, although College Board who administers the test suggests that you take it no more than twice.

These are helpful links to test prep sites: