Ohio Education Leaders to Visit Adult Education Programs in Washington County

The Ohio Department of Higher Education attendees include Chancellor Carey; Senior Vice Chancellor Gary Cates; Matt Whatley, Chief of Staff; TJ Armstrong, ABLE Program Manager; Donna Albanese, State ABLE Director. Other attendees include local adult education and workforce professionals.

State officials will join local administrators for a tour of the Washington County Career Center and discuss current adult education and workforce initiatives.

Chancellor Carey to Discuss Mid-Biennium Review, Regional Grant Award at University of Toledo Scott Park Campus

Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor John Carey; Northwest State President Thomas Stuckey; Terra State President Jerome Webster; University of Toledo President Sharon Gaber; Northwest State Vice President for Innovation Todd Hernandez; Automatic Feed Vice President of Manufacturing Peter Beck; students and educational and business organization partners.

Chancellor Carey Visit to Edison State Community College Will Spotlight MBR, Edison’s Career Counseling Program

Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor John Carey; Edison State Community College President Dr. Doreen Larson; Edison State Board of Trustees Chair Darryl Mehaffie; Edison State Vice President of Student Affairs Scott Burnam; Edison State students; area guidance counselors; local superintendents, principals and legislators.