Press Release

First Center of Excellence in Arts Awarded to University of Cincinnati Conservatory

COLUMBUS – In recognition of the impact of arts and culture in fueling job creation and business development, Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut and University of Cincinnati President Gregory H. Williams today announced that the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) is Ohio's first Center of Excellence in Music and the Performing Arts.

State and Federal Funding Supports Adults Returning to School

COLUMBUS — The University System of Ohio's Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) programs are the gateway for more than 45,000 of Ohioans re-entering the educational pipeline. Brushing up on skills to prepare for college, bolstering their job readiness, and preparing to take the GED test - these students are pursuing education that will make them, and Ohio, more competitive in the knowledge-based economy.

University System of Ohio Establishes Statewide Standard for Recognizing Military Education

COLUMBUS - Under a directive from Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut issued today, military training, experience, and coursework of student servicemembers will count for credit throughout the University System of Ohio. Providing a uniform state standard for recognizing military credits is expected to help bring current student servicemembers into the workforce sooner and attract new student servicemembers to Ohio.

Third Wave of Ohio Faculty Honored for Improving and Lowering Costs of College Textbooks

COLUMBUS–Recognizing reducing textbook costs is an important way to help keep students in school, and that new digital tools make it easier than ever to lower prices while enriching learning, Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut today announced the University System of Ohio's 2011 Ohio Faculty Innovator Award winners.

University System of Ohio Launches Web Portal for Prospective Ohio College Students

COLUMBUS – Today, Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut unveiled the first phase of, an online resource connecting future Ohio college students with detailed information on how to prepare, apply, and pay for an education at Ohio's public universities, community colleges and adult career centers. 

"Opportunities in Ohio to get a high-quality, affordable college education continue to expand, and we need to make sure prospective students, families and Ohio's current workforce know about them," Fingerhut said.

Report: Ohio Beats National Average in Enrollment Gains, Holding Down Tuition

COLUMBUS – With larger enrollment gains and falling average tuition costs, the University System of Ohio beat the national average on two important measurements presented in a national report released early this week. The "State Higher Education Finance FY 2010" report showed continuing record classes at many public colleges and universities grew Ohio's total enrollment by 7.7 percent against a national average of 6.3 percent. Meanwhile, despite a challenging state budget, net tuition revenue per student in Ohio declined by 3.5 percent compared to a nationwide increase of 3.4 percent.

Senator Cates Appointed as Senior Vice Chancellor for the Ohio Board of Regents

COLUMBUS – Governor John R. Kasich and Chancellor Jim Petro today announced the appointment of State Senator Gary Cates as Senior Vice Chancellor for the division of Innovation and Enterprise Development at the Ohio Board of Regents. In his position the senator will lead enterprise and innovation priorities for the University System of Ohio including the establishment of charter or enterprise universities. Cates will join the Board of Regents on May 23, 2011.

Program Creating New Math and Science Teachers Gets Underway, Will Grow

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 17, 2011 – Chancellor Jim Petro announced today that the Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship program will expand from four to seven university campuses in Ohio in the coming year. Petro also welcomed members of the program’s inaugural class. These fellows – from cities all around Ohio – have been accepted into the program as high-quality math and science teacher candidates for high-need Ohio schools.