Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program


The goal of the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program is to develop a pool of talented workers for Ohio’s businesses and create enriching student work experiences. This dynamic, focused program positions Ohio to develop and retain technologies in the state that require educated and skilled workers. Students in the program gain hand-on experiences related to their field of study, while companies supporting these internships are partially compensated for wages paid during an internship.

computer.jpgEstablished in 2002, the program links Ohio students with rewarding internship opportunities within Ohio's private sector business community. The goal is to build a young, talented workforce for the future and assist students in gaining valuable work experiences that can lead to permanent full-time employment in Ohio after graduation. 

The program will reimburse up to 50 percent of the intern’s wage, up to $3,000 for a 12-month period. Following an intern’s graduation, the business will have the opportunity to offer full-time employment to an individual who is well prepared for a future career within the organization.

The Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program targets key areas of science and technology, engineering, and math relating to Ohio Third Frontier’s focus areas of Advanced Materials; Advanced Manufacturing; Advanced Energy; Biomedical; Instruments, Controls, and Electronics; Advanced Propulsion; and; Information Technology. There are seven regional organizations that administer the program.

Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program Grantees
Central Ohio Region
TechColumbus, Columbus
Peter Dunleavy
(614) 340-1683
Southeast Ohio Region
Community Action Organization of Scioto County, Inc., Portsmouth
Rosie Picklesimer
(740) 351-1185
Northeast Ohio Region
Workforce Initiative Association, Canton
Dan Sipe
(330) 491-2601
Southwest Ohio Region
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Cincinnati
Karen Serena
(513) 579-3157
Northeast Ohio Region
Workforce Institute of Lorain County/Lorain County Community College, Elyria
Anthony Schweppe
(440) 366-7665
West Central Ohio Region
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Dayton
Roberta Walker
(937) 226-8258
Northwest Ohio Region
Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, Toledo
Charlene Page
(419) 243-8191



Identifying and hiring the right people is one ofthe greatest challenges facing today’s high-tech businesses. If your firm qualifi es to participate in the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program, you will have the opportunity to hire and develop individuals with advanced skills and outstanding potential for success in the high-tech business world. Interns can also be a high-value addition to the workforce, bringing innovative ideas that make companies more competitive in the global marketplace.

wires.jpgBusinesses offering eligible internships to eligible students are integral to the success of the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program. Students gain insightful, hands-on experience related to their field of study andbusinesses supporting paid work experiences to eligible students are partially compensated for wages paid during these internships.

The Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program is looking for participating businesses that can provide one or more of the following types of internships:

  • Advanced Energy;
  • Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Advanced Materials;
  • Bioscience;
  • Information Technology;
  • Instruments, Controls and Electronics; and,
  • Power and Propulsion 


If you are at least a college sophomore or a graduate or doctoral student in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or above) at an institution of higher learning and are enrolled in an approved high-tech curriculum you may be eligible to jump-start your career with the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program. Your internship experience with your educational achievements will increase your chances of landing a job at a dynamic firm after graduation.

students.jpgOhio students enrolled in either a two-year community or technical college or in a four-year college or university can earn up to $6,000 over a 12 month period. The Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program is looking for students enrolled in degree programs with high-tech curriculums including:

  • Physical sciences;
  • Biological sciences;
  • Agricultural sciences;
  • Engineering;
  • Computer Sciences; and,
  • Mathematics.

For more information or to apply, visit the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program website: http://thirdfrontierintern.ohio.gov