Background and Policy

 1. Who is the company/vendor who will offer the service of exchanging electronic high school transcripts?

· Parchment Inc.  To learn more about the company, please visit this website:  Parchment has worked with many state agencies and education institutions to set up systems in order to exchange electronic transcripts and other student data.

2. Is it required for the Ohio public high schools to participate in the sending of electronic transcripts?

· No.  For high schools, sending an electronic transcript is 100% optionalat this point.  Per ODE, based on the feedback from high schools - they want to be involved in sending electronic transcripts.  However, there is no legislative mandate in place to make high schools participate in this initiative.

3. Through Parchment, would a public higher education institution ever receive electronic transcripts from a private high school?  Or a private college or university?

· Yes.  A student who is attending a participating private school can request to have a transcript sent to a public higher education institution in the Parchment system.

· If a private school is a customer of Parchment and has services to send transcripts, they can send transcripts to any public school.

4. How will Ohio public higher education institutions receive electronic high school transcripts?

· In order to receive electronic high school transcripts, your school will need to register to use Parchment’s service.  You can access that link here:

· The service you will be registered for is the FREE Parchment service called Receiver Premium.

5. What is the format of the electronic high school transcript?

· Being a public higher education institution, you will be able to receive electronic HS transcripts in PDF and XML format.

· First rollout will consist of transcripts in PDF format, with the XML version following shortly after.

6. What are the methods an institution can use to receive the transcripts?

· Institutions will be able to log into the Parchment web application or download transcripts through secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

· Institutions can use Parchment’s web services at an additional cost.  For more information about these additional services, please contact Rachel Stamm of Parchment Inc. ( or Heidi Dodge (

 7. Once registered with Parchment Inc., would my school receive higher education transcripts from out-of-state schools?

· Yes.  Your school might receive electronic college transcripts from out-of-state schools.  This is due to the fact that Parchment Inc. has a partnership with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC). The MHEC includes schools in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc.  Any school that is a part of this compact is on a list where students can send transcripts to for free.

· In addition, Ohio higher education institutions may receive transcripts from other schools across the U.S. if they are Parchment customers.

8. What is the PESC version that will be used on the electronic HS transcripts?

· PESC High School v1.2.0