Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)

1. What is the SSID?

It is a unique identifier value assigned to each K-12 student in Ohio.

2. Is the SSID required for all K-12 students who attend Ohio public schools?

Yes.  It is required by law for all students reported to the state through EMIS in order for the district to receive funding for that student.

3. Will K-12 and college students know or be informed on what their SSID is?


4. Is the SSID required for students who attend private K-12 schools in Ohio?


5. Will students attending an Ohio public charter school be assigned the SSID?

Yes.  Charter schools are public schools by law.

6. Are incoming freshman into a public higher education institution who attended an Ohio public high school already expected to have been assigned an SSID?


7. If a student is an incoming freshman into a public higher education institution, but did not attend an Ohio public high school, how will an SSID be assigned to them?

The current proposal is that the Ohio Department of Higher Education would submit data to the SSID vendor for students that do not have an SSID based on the data received from the institution.  Public higher education institution will not be required to make sure that an SSID is assigned to each of their students.

If a college student who is any other grade level (sophomore, junior, senior) than a freshman transfers to an Ohio public higher education institution, will they be assigned an SSID?

The Ohio Department of Higher Education will be submitting data to the SSID vendor that they currently have in order to attempt to get SSIDs assigned for historical students based on the data that they currently have.   Some students may not be assigned an SSID.

8. What is the format of the SSID?

The specific format of the SSID is varchar (9).   It has nine bits consisting of numbers and letters.  For this year the SSID is two letters and seven numbers.  So an example would be:  AE1234567.  Because the SSID must be unique, the exact composition will change over time.  So next year the SSID could have three letters and six numbers for example and look like this:  AEA123456. But it will always, for now, be a combination of nine numbers and letters.  Once an SSID is assigned, it never changes. 

9. Who is the current vendor chosen to create the SSID?

IBM is the current vendor used to create the SSID.  However this could change in the future. 

10. How soon will higher education institutions be expected to start including the SSID in HEI reporting?

 Fall 2012

11. How soon will the SSID appear on high school transcripts?

The SSID began appearing on newly generated high school paper transcripts in September of 2011.