Articulation & Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC)

The Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC) is a computer system, created and maintained by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, which facilitates the electronic exchange of student transcripts among Ohio's public  higher education institutions.  Transcripts are exchanged using the automated web service or institutions can utilize the ATC web application. The transcript being sent to another institution is created in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format using the national-accepted data standards created by the Post-Secondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC). The XML format allows institutions to easily extract the data from the transcripts and import it into their Student Information System (SIS). The ATC also produces PDF and HTML Summary formatted transcripts that can be utilized by the receiving institution.

Ohio’s public institutions of higher education benefit from the ATC because electronic transcript exchange allows for significant automation of transfer student processing. Electronic processing of transcripts also speeds the overall transcript evaluation process.

To request access to the Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse, please read the Data Access Policy Document (linked below) and complete a user authorization form (linked below.) There are separate forms for Campus users and Internal Regents users.

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