OATN Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base (KB) is an information repository system that provides a means for information to be collected, organized, shared, searched and utilized. The Knowledgebase has been developed for Ohio public institutions and will be used by the Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC), the Course Equivalency Management System (CEMS), and Ohio Mathematics Initiative (OMI) users.

The Knowledge Base will allow users to create various types of articles (Posts, Issues, Discussions, Announcements and Downtime Notices) and share information seamlessly across all public institutions. New articles can be grouped into specific categories. A dashboard with sections for viewing prepopulated reports, recent comments, and downtime notices are available, making this tool user friendly and effortless to navigate. Users can get instant email notification on updates to articles by managing the robust subscription settings. Articles that are deemed as informative will be moved into the FAQ section by OATN administrators.

The Knowledge Base is available for ATC, CEMS, and OMI users.

The ATC Users and CEMS Users (individuals with accounts to access the ATC Production System and CEMS Production system), will use the URL below to login. You will use your Production Username/Password to login.

Ohio Mathematics Initiative  users will sign up through their department chairs and leads.  Please contact Michelle Blaney (mblaney@highered.ohio.gov) if you have questions relating to the OMI Knowledge Base. 

If you have trouble logging in or need help with using the system, please contact Mitch Wilson (mwilson@highered.ohio.gov).






  • Step by Step Instructions: (ATC and CEMS users)

                1. Create a New Article

                2. Edit an Existing Article

                3. Comment on an Article

                4. Subscribe to an Article

                5. Search for an Article