(CT)2 Affirmation Form

When the Faculty CTAG creation committee and ODHE have endorsed the use of the WebXam as the measure of student learning, the secondary teacher responsible for teaching the course(s) associated with the CTAG must complete the following steps:

  1. Review the guiding documents associated with each statewide agreement, including the CTAG document and Alignment document to ensure familiarity with the content expectations. Any questions can be forwarded to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
  2. Complete and sign the Certificate of Affirmation for all courses they teach within the CTAG.
  3. Have the Principal or Career-Technical Director at their institution sign the Certificate of Affirmation.
  4. Submit course(s) and the Certificate of Affirmation for each course in the Course Equivalency Management System (CEMS).


Note: Programs submitted for review utilizing the affirmation document, must ensure that their program has CTE-26 Approval from the Ohio Department of Education. To expedite the submission; districts may attach their CTE-26 approval letter or response email from the Ohio Department of Education.


Download form below:

Affirmation Form

Sample Affirmation Form:

Sample Form