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Establishing and Creating Compliance Expectations

When new CTAGs are developed, statewide surveys are distributed for feedback. Institutions are asked to respond letting ODHE know if they offer a program or courses similar to those on the CTAG. The course name and number can be reported. When there is no data provided in survey, course catalogues are audited for possible course equivalencies.  Reported courses, and those found through audits, are used to create the initial expected compliance for a CTAG at announcement.  


Expected Compliance Reports

Each technical area for which there is a statewide articulation agreement (called a CTAG) has an Expected Compliance Report. These reports are used to easily identify approved courses (those courses that have been submitted and approved by faculty review panels ) for a particular statewide agreement, as well as courses at institutions we believe need to be submitted to the faculty review panel. As institutions submit courses for review, and communicate updated information to our office, the expected compliance reports change.  The report shifts from expected compliance to confirmed courses with forthcoming submissions.  

Compliance Reports change frequently by nature, and the date on the report should always be noted. These documents are a snapshot in time, and students referencing this should always verify information.

Descriptions and learning outcomes associated with all Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs) can be found using this link, and this information may be helpful as you view each report.


Getting Help with Expected Compliance

For questions regarding compliance expectations, including concerns regarding the need to submit a course, please contact:

Nikki Wearly
Associate Director, Secondary Career-Technical Alignment Initiative
Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network 
Ohio Department of Higher Education

A general outline of the process used when institutions are unsure about submission can be found in this document.


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