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Acronyms & Terms

AY – Academic Year​​​​

The academic year is July 1 to June 30 the following year.

CEMS – Course Equivalency Management System

This system is used by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to store course equivalency match data. There is no student level data in CEMS.

CSV – Comma Separated Values File

A CSV file, which is a “comma separated values” file, allows you to save your data in a table-structured format, which is useful when you need to manage a large database. CSV files can be created using Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Spreadsheets, and Notepad.

CTAG – Career-Technical Assurance Guide

CTAGs are statewide articulated credit opportunities for secondary and adult CTE students with Ohio public colleges and universities.

CTAN – Career-Technical Assurance Number

The prefix assigned to each course related to a specific CTAG (Career-Technical Assurance Guide).

CTAV – Career-Technical Articulation Verification

The Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV) technical initiative is a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to facilitate postsecondary career-technical transfer credit opportunities. New technology will allow the electronic exchange of data between the two agencies into ODHE’s Higher Education Information system (HEI). The integration of ODE’s CTE-26 application process and ODHE’s Course Equivalency Management System (CEMS) will allow for the automation of the submission and approval of secondary courses that align to Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs). The initiative will also phase out the need to submit the paper verification form needed to access the credit for those students that have successfully completed an approved ODE course that aligns to a CTAG and earned the required WebXam score.

CTRA – Credit Transfer Request for Availability File

A file related to the CTAV functionality that is submitted by Higher Education institutions via HEI. The CTRA file lists all of the SSIDs for students applying to or enrolled in their institution that the institution wants to appear in the CTAV Report.

CTSA – Credit Transfer Student Assessment File

A file specific to Career-Technical Articulation Verification that contains student assessment data.

EMIS – Education Management Information System

System the Ohio Department of Education uses to store and report on course and student assessment data as well as other key secondary information.

HEI – Higher Education Information System

A reporting site for the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The URL for the site is https://hei.ohiohighered.org/. To access the site you will need an ID and password. .

IRN – Information Retrieval Number

Identification number assigned by ODE to an educational or education related entity.

ODE – The Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio Department of Education

ODHE – The Ohio Department of Higher Education

Previously known as The Ohio Board of Regents.

OH-TECH – The Ohio Technology Consortium

The technology and information division of ODHE.

SSID – Statewide Student Identifier

It is a unique identifier value assigned to each K-12 student in Ohio. You can find more information here.

SIS – Student Information System

System used by institutions to store and manage student data (i.e. PeopleSoft, Banner, etc)

SGCT – Statewide Guarantee Credit Transfer
SGCT Statewide Guarantee Credit Transfer is an ODHE initiative to standardize academic credit accepted and awarded by the student's home institution but not taken at the student's home institution. This credit can be earned through the following means using the 23 SGCT approved codes: Transfer Credits, Credit by Examination, Credits from Institutions Outside of Higher Education, Advanced Standing (Placement) Credits, and/or Life Experience Credits. Additional information can be found here.
SA – Student Assessment

Student specific information that should be handled as private student information.


The test the students take to verify they have mastered the post-secondary learning outcomes.