Faculty and Staff Resources

The success of Ohio’s Credit and Course Equivalency Transfer guarantees is a result of everyone working together to help citizens of Ohio achieve their highest level of academic attainment.  Faculty, staff, and administrators at Ohio's public institutions of higher education have been communicating with students about what Ohio has to offer and working with others on and off campus to familiarize Ohio’s guarantees. 

Ohio has been fortunate to have faculty who are willing to assist the state in assuring the quality and rigor of its credit and course equivalency transfer guarantee programs.  Faculty involvement in all processes makes Ohio distinct and strong.

In addition, advisors and institutional staff members who work closely with transfer credits every day are also keys to implement Ohio’s transfer guarantees by guiding students toward their degree completion.

This faculty and staff resources website contains a video pertaining to faculty’s commitment and requesting their service in Ohio’s ever-growing transfer initiatives, as well as various videos describing the current transfer initiatives and processes.

Please feel free to use any of the videos as training guides for new and existing faculty and staff. 

For any questions, please feel free to contact Michelle Blaney, mblaney@highered.ohio.gov, (614) 644-9601, at the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network/Ohio Department of Higher Education.


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