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ITAGs are a statewide transfer initiative that guarantees the award of college-level credit to students earning agreed upon industry-recognized credentials. The award of credit is based upon the knowledge, skills, and compentencies gained through credential attainment regardless of where the learning to prepare for the credential took place.

Statewide panels are comprised of postsecondary faculty, industry representatives, and educators from either Ohio Technical Centers (OTCs) and/or Secondary Career-Technical Centers. Each ITAG panel will work to align content from the specified credential to postseondary learning outcomes.  Each new ITAG will be sent to Ohio's public colleges and universities for feedback and endorsement prior to being announced.

In some instances, ITAGs will overlap with other transfer initiatives. This will expand access to other statewide transfer agreements (CTAGs, MTAGs, and TAGs) but not replace them.

Questions regarding ITAGs can be directed to Nikki Wearly, Director of Career-Technical Education Transfer Initiatives,at


                            Below is a current listing of approved ITAGs.  Click on each box to expand                             and access more inforMation on the ITAG.


Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing ITAG Document

Practical Nursing Postsecondary Announcement

Practical Nursing General Announcement