OATN News & Notes: January 2012


Ringing In the New Year!

Dear colleagues:

The New Year has us looking back at 2011’s many accomplishments and looking forward to what 2012 will bring for the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network (OATN)! I am delighted to share these key accomplishments, all of which your collaboration helped us to achieve in 2011:

Savings to Students

  • In 2011, because of YOUR hard work, Ohio’s transfer students saved nearly $47 million (read “Facts At a Glance” for more info)!!


  • The OATN was formed with Wright State University acting as our fiscal agent. This includes the staff that was hired to advance articulation and transfer policies in the state and our many advisory groups and partners throughout the state who work to help us realize our goals.
  • The OATN staff has continually improved their service to our constituency base to assist them with understanding and implementing state policy.
  • We said goodbye to some key colleagues and welcomed new professionals to our staff and our larger constituency base as faculty partners and key collaborating administrators have retired or moved into new roles on their campuses.


  • A total of 1344 TAG/OTM courses were approved for statewide guarantee.
  • A new TAG was developed in Fire Science.


  • New CTAGs were developed in Fire Safety Inspector and Fire Service Instructor.
  • In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and many of our colleagues around the state, work began and progressed exceptionally on our Secondary Career-Technical Alignment Initiative (SCTAI), funded by a tremendous $1.8 million federal grant.


  • 34,827 total transcripts were sent through the Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC), a 56% increase from 2010.
  • 15 institutions became fully connected to the ATC in 2011 resulting in a total of 89% of University System of Ohio (USO) institutions sending and receiving transcripts through the ATC.


  • A strategy for improving communication flow with our constituents was developed and this newsletter was established and published on five occasions through the year as part of that strategy.
  • Under the leadership of the Board of Regents’ Communications team, our staff contributed to the launch the new agency website and accompanying student portal.
  • Planning and research began on a comprehensive marketing campaign that will be developed to brand and promote the many benefits of Ohio’s transfer guarantees with thanks to the Board of Regents’ communications team for their leadership in developing the plan.


  • Our researchers found some highly encouraging statistics about the cost-savings of transfer students in the last decade.
  • We formulated our formal research agenda to plan for future research inquiry.

We have a lot to live up to in 2012 after last year’s impressive accomplishments. We are especially looking forward to:

  • Continuing to support the institutions converting to semesters this year and realizing a common academic calendar across the USO by this fall.
  • Seeing more new TAGs and CTAGs developed for the benefit of Ohio’s students, especially as we are exploring exciting new fields like Renewable Energy and are working on adding additional CTAGs in adult workforce areas.
  • Completing the first phase of the SCTAI project, which should culminate in new CTAGS in 6 career fields and beginning work on statewide agreements in another 6 career fields later in the year.
  • Realizing 100% of USO institutions connected to the ATC and using web services to exchange transcripts.
  • Implementing our enhanced reporting systems via the Oracle Application Express (APEX).
  • Collaborating with the Board of Regents’ communications team to rolling out our marketing campaign, an enhanced website to support our new brand, and generating excitement throughout the state with increased constituency.

It is our hope that you, too, are feeling good about the work you accomplished in 2011 and are looking forward to more great things in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Paula K. Compton, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor
Articulation and Transfer


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Mark Your Calendars: 2012 OATN Meetings


(all are 10AM-2PM)


OATN Oversight Board

Spring: Thurs., March 1
Summer: Thurs. June 7
Fall: Thurs. Sept. 6
Winter: Thurs., Dec. 6

All dates: Ohio Board of Regents

OTM Faculty Subcommittee

Spring: Fri., April 13
Fall: Fri. Sept. 14

Spring: The Ohio State University, Student Union
Fall: TBA

OATN Advisory Council

Spring: Thurs., May 17
Fall: Thurs., Nov. 15

Spring: Franklin University
Fall: Columbus State Community College

 (CT)2 Adult Advisory Council

Spring: Thurs., April 5
Fall: Thurs., Oct. 4

All dates: Ohio Board of Regents

 (CT)2 Secondary Advisory Council

Spring: Tues., April 17
Fall: Thurs., Oct. 11

Spring: TBA
Fall: Ohio Board of Regents

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Submissions + Reviews = Progress

math.jpgAs we enter the New Year, we're happy to report that the Winter OTM, TAG, and CTAG review period is going strong. The Fall 2011 review period was huge with over 1,000 total submissions, giving a giant boost to the state's progress with Academic Calendar Conversion. The number of submissions for the Winter review period exceeded our expectations with 354 OTM, 347 TAG, and 154 CTAG submissions that have been sent to the faculty panels for review. These will be completed by the beginning of March and results will be sent out shortly after that.

Even as the reviews continue for the winter period, we are preparing for the crucial Spring 2012 review period in April. This will be the last review period for institutions to submit matches for the new OTMs with Learning Outcomes and calendar conversion courses if they wish to stay in compliance for Autumn 2012. Look for updates from OATN staff members about your institution’s progress.

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Transfer Guarantee Reporting System Getting a New Look

clipart.pngThe Transfer Guarantee Reporting System has always been a useful tool to help students, parents, admissions officers, counselors, academic advisors, registrars, and other college and university personnel find credit transfer information and identify statewide guarantees.  This system is currently being redesigned using Oracle Application Express (APEX) which is a powerful web application tool that is used alongside an Oracle database.  Utilizing APEX will help create interactive, user-friendly reports containing up-to-date credit transfer information.

This reporting system will contain familiar information pertinent to the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) and Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) initiatives.  Currently users are able to search for OTM equivalencies in the Mathematics and English Composition areas.  An added feature of the new OTM reporting tool will also allow a user to search for specific TAG courses within certain OTM subject areas. 

There are two brand new reporting tools as well.  With the popularity of career technical programs and courses, the Career-Technical Credit Transfer, (CT)2, reporting tool was created containing information on these courses/programs at high schools, adult centers, and colleges.  In addition there is also a new Advanced Placement (AP) reporting tool that allows users to search for credit information based on these CollegeBoard administered tests.

Other benefits of this system are performing customized searches for credit transfer information by school, subject area, and specific course ID as well as the ability to download and save your search results in either Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.  Our new reporting system is expected to be up and running by March 2012.

Need more information? Contact Terea Shambry-Wollins, tshambry@regents.state.oh.us.

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Transfer Around the State: A Closer Look at the Preferred Pathway Between CSCC and OSU

Columbus State Community College’s Preferred Pathway Program is a specific, direct track to a degree from The Ohio State University. A long-time arrangement between the schools allowed students to transfer to OSU to finish a bachelor’s degree. The new Pathway program is a cohort-designed plan of study for students that are college-ready in math and English.

Pathways Coordinator Sharmaine Pechac and her staff welcomed 112 students this past fall in the first-ever CSCC cohort. While enrolled at Columbus State, students receive joint advising from the two schools to ensure a smooth transition.

Any student that is accepted to CSCC and wants to follow a pre-major track is encouraged to chart a course with the aid of knowledgeable advisors and faculty members. Students are encouraged to apply to CSCC by March 1, 2012. The current target market for this specific program are high school seniors, those who are 18 and older, or for recent graduates.

clip1.pngSPOTLIGHT: Christina Allen, First-Year Preferred Pathway Student at CSCC

As a 2011 Hilliard Darby High School graduate, Christina Allen had a busy schedule. She enjoyed the arts – drawing, singing, playing the piano and violin and learning about the world.

Looking forward to college, she weighed her choices and decided to pursue the Preferred Pathways program through Columbus State Community College. This allowed her to stay close to home and continue working a good part-time job. In addition, Columbus State’s Pathways program would allow her to continue her academic journey with the plan of transferring to Ohio State’s Main Campus.

This past fall, Christina joined other incoming freshman at Columbus State where the advising team helped her determine which classes she should take and when. Together, Christina and her advisor eliminated the worry about whether the credits would transfer to Ohio State in the future as she plans to continue her studies in Linguistics.

For more information on this program, please visit CSCC’s or OSU’s website.

We would love to make this a recurring feature in the OATN newsletter. If you have suggestions for exemplary or up-and-coming transfer programs around the state that we could investigate, please be in touch with Katie Giardello (kgiardello@regents.state.oh.us).

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In Which the Secret Identities of the Network Staff are Revealed – Featuring Gayle and Terea

gayle.pngGayle Ashbridge, Assistant Director for Career Technical Initiatives, has worked in both Secondary and Post-Secondary systems. She spent ten years as a Director of Organizational Learning and has been with the Ohio Board of Regents for the past three years.  Gayle holds a PhD in Education with a Minor in Higher Education, a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor in Secondary Education, all from the University of Toledo.  Additionally, she received her Green Belt from Villanova University, and an Arbitration and Mediation Certificate from the National Labor Board, among numerous other certifications.  She has served as a Senior Malcolm Baldrige Examiner and an Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) reviewer.  In her spare time she enjoys working out and spending time with her three kids (rescued dogs Pete, Indigo, and her recent addition, Faith).

terea.pngTerea Shambry-Wollins, Technology and Data Liaison, was a new addition to the Board of Regents last year.  She has spent the majority of her professional career in the education field where she has worn many hats.  These include Systems Specialist, Digital Editor, and Education Technology Consultant.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Master’s in Communications from Ohio University.  Terea enjoys watching documentaries, swimming, and chasing after her crazy dog, Sadie.  And just recently she found a new love for kayaking.

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Thanks for reading and thanks to the OATN staffers (and Karen Boyd!) who contributed to this newsletter. Please be in touch with questions or suggestions for future news. - Katie Giardello (kgiardello@regents.state.oh.us)

Other News & Notes from Chancellor Petro’s Office

FAFSA Completion Help Available
OhioHigherEd.org Provides Tips for Filling Out the FAFSA

COLUMBUS, OH, Jan. 19, 2012 – As students apply to colleges and celebrate their acceptances, the University System of Ohio reminds them to fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The U.S. Department of Education has set up a process to help students pay for college, and it starts with filing the FAFSA. It is the process by which the U.S. Department of Education allocates billions of dollars in federal aid to students. FAFSA is the primary tool used to determine eligibility for federal and state financial aid as well as aid from many colleges and universities.

Help completing the FAFSA is available. The University System of Ohio has posted a helpful video on its website, http://students.ohiohighered.org/paying/FAFSA that provides tips and advice for filling out and filing the FAFSA. The OhioHigherEd.org website also features a fact sheet about the FAFSA that answers potential questions.

USA Today recently reported that about 28 percent of families with college-bound students did not submit a FAFSA in 2010. About half said they were not aware of the form or didn't think they would qualify. All college-bound students should take a few minutes and complete the process. Federal Financial Aid and many other types of financial aid are determined based on the information provided in the FAFSA.

New website helps students find internships and careers

Q: How do recent college graduates gain the experience required in most job postings?
A: By participating in internships while still in college.

OhioMeansInternships.com, recently launched, will help students find internships and experiential learning opportunities. The new website brings together the existing online career and educational assets of Ohio and augments them with Monster career services, especially as it ties in with OhioMeansJobs.

The OhioMeansInternships.com website will:

  • Increase Ohio’s talent capital by:
    • Enrolling and graduating more students in Ohio
    • Improving the ability for Ohio citizens to connect education to their career choices
    • Increasing student participation in internships
    • Attracting and retaining talent in Ohio
  • Move to a student-centric approach for career and educational direction
  • Promote awareness of Ohio higher education internship opportunities

The website is more than just a listing of internships; it serves as a comprehensive solution that will provide information useful during the students’ educational planning stages. One of the features is a portal page specific to students looking at internships. The portal includes analytics to identify career pathways and smarter career choices that work for all segments of the student job seeker population.

Employers will have the opportunity to search for student talent, as well as the ability to post internship positions from the student portal.

pell.pngChanges in Federal Pell Grant Guidelines

The United State Congress recently enacted changes to the Federal Pell Grant.

Congressional leaders reached an agreement on HR 3671, a bill that outlines the spending for the rest of the fiscal year. According to this bill, the maximum amount students can receive for Pell Grants remains at $5,550...(Read More)

ohtech.pngProfessor Working at OSC to Develop Software to Improve Turbomachinery

The Ohio Supercomputer Center is working with Ohio State professor Jen-Pin Chen, Ph.D. on a project that will improve the software used by engineers to simulate and evaluate the operation of turbomachinery...(Read More)