OATN News & Notes: March 2012


Springing Forward!



Dear colleagues:
Moving our clocks forward earlier this month for daylight savings time and enjoying the recent pattern of warm weather has spring on our minds! We love springtime for the rebirth it brings to the outdoors. As the re-emerging sunshine, springtime rains, and milder temperatures work together for the impending growth of beautiful spring flowers, we, too, are busy working together with our various advisory groups to produce good things for Ohio’s transfer students.

In this issue, we wanted to remind you of the upcoming springtime meetings we have planned and share a briefing of our Oversight Board’s March 1 meeting, including introducing our newest board members. We are also pleased to highlight the legal counsel team who help us in so many ways in addition to spotlighting the accomplishments of our colleagues at the University of Akron who work so hard on behalf of their transfer students.
Enjoy these first weeks of spring!

All the best,

Paula K. Compton, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor
Articulation and Transfer


1.    April Meetings Bring Colleague Greetings
2.    Oversight Board Welcomes New Members, Meets on March 1
3.    A Deposition of Gratitude
4.    Transfer Around the State: University of Akron’s  Nationally Recognized Transfer Student Services Center
5.    Other News & Notes from Chancellor Petro’s Office

April Meetings Bring Colleague Greetings

REMINDER: Spring 2012 Ohio Articulation & Transfer Network Meetings
All meetings below take place from 10:00AM-2:00PM

Group Date Location
(CT)2 Adult Advisory Council Friday,
April 5
Rhodes Tower
Ohio Board of Regents Boardroom
30 East Broad Street
36th Floor
Columbus, OH  43215
OTM Faculty Subcommittee Friday,
April 13
The Ohio State University
Student Union
Ohio Staters, Inc. Traditions Room
1739 North High Street
Columbus, OH  43210
(CT)2 Secondary Advisory Council Tuesday,
April 17
Rhodes Tower
Room 1865
18th Floor
30 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH  43215
USO Admissions Directors and Registrars Thursday,
May 3
Columbus State Community College
Center for Workforce Development
4th Floor Conference Center
315 Cleveland Avenue
Columbus, OH  43215
OATN Advisory Council Thursday,
May 17
Franklin University
Alumni Hall
Ross Auditorium
301 East Rich Street
Columbus, OH  43215

Oversight Board Welcomes New Members, Meets on March 1

The OATN Oversight Board met on Thursday, March 1, 2012 from 10AM to 2PM in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Discussion topics included the Oversight Board’s role and communication flow related to policy and procedural advisement to other committees and the Chancellor’s office, recent research on the graduation rates of transfer students in the University System of Ohio as well as the plan for upcoming research which will evaluate the statewide A.P. policy, and the exploration of two potential new concepts – a technical transfer module and a potential exception process to new guidelines on Dual Enrollment that are forthcoming. 2012-feb-news-letter-02.jpg

Throughout the day, the Board also heard from some of Chancellor Petro’s highest administrators.
Ms. Lana Ruebel, Deputy Chancellor for Operations and Administration participated in the meeting’s opening on behalf of Chancellor Petro and discussed several current initiatives, including developmental and remedial education, college readiness testing, and degree attainment.
Mr. John Conley, Chief of P-20 Educational Technology, along with Mr. Greg Davidson, Director of P-20 Educational Technology at the Ohio Technology Consortium (OH-TECH), and Mr. Tony Kutlu, Manager of the Project Management Office at the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) spoke about the current update to the Course Equivalency Management System (CEMS) and the furtherance of the e-Transcripts project at the Ohio Department of Education and its relationship to the Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC).
Ms. Kim Norris, Deputy Chancellor for Communications and Advocacy, and Mr. Paul Vetter, Vice President of the Fahlgren Mortine marketing firm, shared several logo design options stemming from their work on a statewide marketing strategy for Ohio’s statewide articulation and transfer credit programs. After collecting feedback on the logos from the Board, the firm will continue to draft design options and solicit additional feedback from the Board and other stakeholders.
Mr. Brett Visger, Deputy Chancellor for Institutional Collaboration, spoke to the group about the issue of adult student access and college completion in Ohio, noting that the state is program rich and system poor with many random acts of progress but there are better opportunities to collaborate for systematic success, especially including Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) and Adult Workforce Education (AWE).
We are grateful to our Board members for their service to the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network and appreciate the excellent discussion, suggestions, and questions that arose during this particular meeting.
We are pleased to welcome our two newest Board members:
·         Ms. Karen Miller, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Cuyahoga Community College
·         Dr. Raymond F.  Gorman, Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Miami University
Additional members of our board, representing varied University System of Ohio institutions, are:
·         Dr. John Boggess, Superintendent, Miami Valley Career Technology Center
·         Mr. Dennis Budkowski, Vice President of Instructional Services, Marion Technical College
·         Dr. Roy Church, President, Lorain County Community College
·         Dr. David Descutner, University College Dean and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Ohio University
·         Ms. Mary Beth Freeman, Superintendent, Delaware Area Career Center
·         Dr. Helen Grove, Senior Vice President and Provost, Sinclair Community College
·         Dr. David R. Hopkins, President, Wright State University
·         Dr. Joe Law, Assistant Vice President for Articulation and Transfer, Wright State University
·         Dr. Karla Mugler, Associate Provost and Dean of University College, University of Akron
·         Dr. Kristi A. Nelson, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning, University of Cincinnati
·         Mr. Don Plotts, President, North Central State College
·         Dr. Richard Prystowski, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Central Ohio Technical College
·         Dr. Randy Smith, Vice Provost for Curriculum and Institutional Relations, The Ohio State University
Board members from the Ohio Board of Regents staff:
·         Mr. Jim Petro, Chancellor and Chair of the Oversight Board
·         Dr. Paula Compton, Associate Vice Chancellor, Articulation and Transfer
·         Dr. Stephanie Davidson, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and System Integration
The Board is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at the Ohio Board of Regents’ offices in downtown Columbus.

A Deposition of Gratitude

2012-feb-news-letter-03.jpg The legal services division is integral to the success (and legal compliance!) of every department within the Ohio Board of Regents as we develop and maintain policy initiatives. They draft, review, and help us to execute agreements, contracts, and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for the many consultants and other vendors who assist with our work around the state. The attorneys also offer their expert legal counsel time and again to be sure we are always acting within the law. We are grateful to these exceptional colleagues and wanted to introduce them as vital partners of the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network (OATN).

The team consists of Sloan Spalding, General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer, Michelle Chavanne, Assistant General Counsel, Amy Shaffer, Legal Consultant, and Melissa Marshall, Aide for Legal/Legislative Departments. Here is a little bit about each member so you can get to know them better:
Before joining the Ohio Board of Regents Legal team, Sloan Spalding was previously the Chief Legal Counsel to the Ohio Department of Mental Health. Sloan earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and later served in the Utah Army National Guard and was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army following graduation. Later, he earned his Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School. Currently, he is an elected council member for the City of New Albany. Sloan also enjoys road bicycling and is a multi-year participant in and community volunteer for Pelotonia.
Michelle Chavanne earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Akron and her law degree from the Ohio State University. She enjoys spending time with her five year old Australian Shepherd named Fin.
Amy Shaffer has worked with the Ohio Board of Regents for four years. She currently works on a consultant basis. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Miami University and her law degree from the University of Kansas. Amy has two daughters who keep her very busy, Quinn, who is 3 ½, and Claire, who is eight months old.
Melissa Marshall has worked with the Ohio Board of Regents since 2007. Previously, she was an aide for the Ohio Senate. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminology from the Ohio State University and an MBA from Ohio Dominican University. Melissa also has two daughters ages 3 years and 6 months old. She is a former gymnast and can still perform a back flip if requested.

Transfer Around the State: University of Akron’s Nationally Recognized Transfer Student Services Center

2012-feb-news-letter-04.jpgAs the clocks move forward and we “spring ahead,” we look at another example of an Ohio institution that is helping its students “spring ahead” to graduation by offering stellar transfer student support. The University of Akron Transfer Student Services Center was founded in 2009 by bringing together staff from various campus offices including an admissions counselor, an academic advisor, and the University College Dean’s office articulation table coordinator

UA's Transfer Student Services Center provides comprehensive enrollment and student services for transfer students. The center's staff has worked to coordinate services for credit evaluation, preadmission advising, transfer student organizations, community college outreach and articulation, and transfer student success initiatives under one roof. The UA Transfer Student Services Center also provides a great website resource for transfer students (www.uakron.edu/transferstudents), Destination Graduation – an orientation program for transfer students, and Transfer Student Success Workshops on topics such as test anxiety, stress management techniques, and how to use the Degree Auditing Reporting System or DARS. They also offer a one credit transfer success seminar marketed towards students who are coming from institutions that are different from Akron.
The transfer center serves about 2000 students a year. Most of the students come from community colleges, although they serve students that transfer from four-year universities as well. The UA Transfer Center also conducts a Transfer Counselor Articulation Forum every October for professional colleagues in the transfer field where they update them on Akron’s programs.
In the future, the UA Transfer Center has plans to help students with the quarter to semester conversion, to provide better services to increase the graduation rates of transfer students, and to create an honor society and other student organizations specifically for transfer students.
The UA Transfer Student Services Center recently has been recognized as an “Exemplary Practice” by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). The center will be included in the NACADA Advising Transfer Students Commission-sponsored monograph, set for publication in October. UA's program was one of only 10 nationwide to receive this distinction. Karen Dickerson, the director of the UA Transfer Center since its inception, has this to say about the important work of the center, “This University of Akron’s Transfer Student Services Center has helped to increase transfer student enrollment, to improve transfer student success and has built stronger relationships with our neighboring community colleges.   We're honored to be chosen as one of the 10 programs receiving recognition as an “Exemplary Practice” by the National Academic Advising Association.”
We are very proud of the University of Akron for offering transfer students the support that they need to be successful when transferring to Akron. This group of students often faces many challenges persisting to graduation, and the University of Akron Transfer Student Services Center has interventions in place that help these students reach their goals. The OATN wants to recognize the University of Akron Transfer Center team for all of their efforts towards helping students succeed!

Thanks for reading! Be in touch with questions or suggestions. Thanks also to my colleague, Dr. Anna Bendo, for her help with this month’s newsletter.

- Katie Giardello (kgiardello@regents.state.oh.us)

Other News & Notes from Chancellor Petro’s Office

Healthcare Professionals Learning English, Looking for Jobs
It is not uncommon to have highly qualified healthcare professionals sitting in ABLE ESOL classrooms who are underemployed or unemployed. Often these students are left on their own to navigate the confusing U.S. system of credentialing and licensure...(Read More)
OhioHigherEd.com Student Site Helps Students
On the Board of Regents website, www.OhioHigherEd.org, we offer several tools and provide advice to students, parents, and anyone else who is considering college, training, or other types of post-secondary education... (Read Story)
Task Force to Recommend Best Practices for Effective Commercialization
In the 2012-13 budget, Ohio public institutions of higher education gained expanded ability to hold equity in inventions developed by faculty members. Governor John Kasich freed faculty members and colleges to benefit financially from their innovations...(Read More)
Visit the Commercialization Task Force Home Page
Free eTutoring to Expand in Ohio
Ohio Board of Regents today announced expanded access to free online tutoring for students enrolled in Ohio’s university system. While eTutoring has been offered on 21 college campuses in Ohio, beginning this year all public and private institutions of higher learning in the state will be invited to join the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, free of charge to the university and free of charge to students...(Read More)

Free eTutoring to Expand in Ohio

All Institutions of Higher Learning Invited to Join eTutoring Collaborative
COLUMBUS, OH, March 26, 2012Ohio Board of Regents today announced expanded access to free online tutoring for students enrolled in Ohio’s university system. While eTutoring has been offered on 21 college campuses in Ohio, beginning this year all public and private institutions of higher learning in the state will be invited to join the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, free of charge to the university and free of charge to students.

“We have in Ohio, one of the strongest collaborative teams of higher education institutions in the country – all working together to help students complete their degrees,” said Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro.  “In an effort to better meet the needs of students, we are proud to offer this expanded eTutoring service for students across the state.”

How Free eTutoring Works

Students enrolled in Ohio’s university system access free online tutoring in various subjects including accounting, anatomy and physiology, biology, calculus, chemistry, math, and statistics. The eTutoring service also includes an online writing lab. Additional academic disciplines will be implemented as the program expands. Students can access the eTutoring site through their college website. Some universities offer their own online tutoring.
Throughout the week, students can receive real-time online tutoring sessions. Utilizing a camera, microphone and whiteboard, tutors from participating institutions assist students as they work through their mathematical or science concepts, for example. Students also can post questions that do not require immediate answers.
"It was so amazing and extremely helpful,” praised Moeana Franklin from the University of Akron in a recent email. “The tutor was so nice and explained everything very clearly! This program is amazing and I will continue to use it in the future and probably my entire college career. Thank you so much for offering such useful help to students!”
Writing students utilize the eTutoring platform by uploading papers for review. Papers, written for any undergraduate course, may be reviewed by trained tutors from any of the participating colleges and universities. Participating higher education institutions provide eTutoring tutors who make suggestions to writers, pointing out areas for improvement. Grammar questions also can be posted.
A clearinghouse of electronic academic resources is available when students access the eTutoring website via the student’s home university page.
Participating public and private universities screen and provide the qualified tutors. Approximately 2,400 students took advantage of free eTutoring Fall 2011.  The number of students is expected to grow as more universities take part.  Hours of availability vary but generally tutors are available from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days per week.  This eTutoring service is free to students.
"Today's students are using technology to better manage both their time and distance from campus,” said University of Akron Senior Vice President & Provost and Chief Operating Officer Dr. William M. Sherman.  “Technology helps them fit their learning into an already busy schedule. These students have a high level of social engagement and carry on multiple conversations within their learning environment in ways that shape their understanding of course material.  As part of the Akron Experience at The University of Akron, eTutoring has provided us with new options to support academic success for our diverse student body, especially those students in on-line and distance-learning courses."
Currently, participating schools pay an annual fee for the eTutoring service. Under the new arrangement, eStudent Services, a consortium of OH-Tech, will underwrite the annual fee for all interested public and private institutions. 

Participating Universities

Institutions which offer free eTutoring as of Fall 2011: Baldwin-Wallace College, Belmont College, Capital University, Central State University, Central Ohio Technical College, The Ohio State University at Newark, Clark State Community College, Cleveland State University, Edison Community College, Kent State University, Lorain County Community College, Marietta College, North Central State College, Northwest State Community College, Rhodes State College,  Rio Grande Community College/University of Rio Grande, Sinclair Community College, Terra Community College, University of Akron, and the University of Toledo.

Baldwin-Wallace College
Belmont College
Capital University
Central State University
Clark State Community College
Cleveland State University
Central Ohio Technical College/OSU-Newark
Edison Community College
Kent State University
Lorain County Community College
Marietta College
North Central State College
Northwest State Community College
The Ohio State University at Newark
Rhodes State College
Rio Grande Community College/University of Rio Grande
Sinclair Community College
Terra Community College
University of Akron
University of Toledo
For more information contact Karen D. Boyd, Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, at Kboyd@oh-tech.org or call her at 614.728.3141