Ohio High School e-Transcripts

UPDATE 11.3.2020

The Ohio Department of Education has been providing free transcript services to all interested districts and schools through Parchment for the past four years. The Department worked with the vendor to build the number of participating districts and schools. Regrettably, the current participation rates have not yielded a statewide cost per transcript advantage over the traditional method of transcript generation. As a result, the Department will no longer fully fund statewide transcript service.  

To continue the transcript service, interested schools will need to contract directly with Parchment. The Department will continue to pay the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) participation fee for the upcoming (2019-2020) school year so that schools may enjoy a reduced rate; however, continued MHEC pricing support by the Department beyond that school year will be contingent on a majority of participating schools continuing to contract with Parchment.

Schools will be contacted by a representative from Parchment to discuss their interest in direct contracts.


If you would like information for historical purposes please see below:

This initiative sets out to provide an electronic exchange of transcripts between High Schools and higher education institutions throughout Ohio. Students go to the Ohio e-Transcript link on their school website. After completing a five-minute enrollment, they can begin sending transcripts. The student picks recipient college(s) where the e-transcript should be sent and the system processes the order and notifies the sending schools administrator of the request.

Your school e-Transcript administrator gets the transcript from the database and sends it to Parchment system -> the system then delivers the transcript to the receiving institution.

The student is notified when your school processes the request and when the college downloads it.

For more information on the Ohio High School e-Transcript, please visit the Ohio Department of Education website at:


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