Articulation & Transfer Research

Research Agenda

The research agenda of the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network (OATN) includes specific questions on the following four broad themes:

  1. The quantification of transfer movements among public institutions of higher education in Ohio.
  2. The extent of cost-savings facilitated by the transfer of credit.
  3. The comparison of academic performance between transfers and continuing students.
  4. The evaluation of recent OATN initiatives such as the Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) and the Advanced Placement (AP) test policy on the academic performance of transfer students.


Reports & Presentations


Mapping Pathways from Two-Year College Associate Degrees to Baccalaureate Degrees – Case Studies:
  • Facts at a Glance  


AP Policy Reports & Presentations

The Ohio Department of Higher Education implemented the Advanced Placement (AP) policy for Ohio's public institutions of higher education in FY2009-10. The following report presents estimated impacts of the AP policy on indicators of academic outcome for students attending 4-year public university main campuses.


Transfer & Graduation Reports & Presentations



The following tables provide the number of students transferring among Ohio's public 2-year colleges, 4-year regional campuses, and 4-year universities in each year between 2002 and 2017.

Matrix of Transfer Activities, 2002-2018 (Excel)

Matrix of Transfer Activities by Sector of Origin, 2002-2018 (Excel)