TAG Course Descriptions

Below are links to pages listing courses currently offered in the Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG). If you click on any of these, you will find the appropriate Ohio Articulation Number (OAN), the full name of the course, and the description/learning outcomes of the course. In some cases, description/learning outcomes have not been developed. Refer to the mapping directions provided. Learning outcomes hopefully will be developed in the future.

OAN's with no titles are place holders and need no action at this time.

The course hours in the descriptions are all semester hours. In some cases, institutions may need to map more than one course to an OAN.

Arts and Humanities (OAH)

Business (OBU)

Education (OED)

Engineering Technologies (OET)

English Composition (OEN)

Foreign Languages (OFL)

Health (OHL)

Mathematics and Statistics (OMT)

Natural and Physical Sciences (OSC)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (OSS)