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The Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy outlines a requirement for each institution to have an appeals policy in place for the applicability of transferred credit. With the passing of the Ohio Revised Code 3345.423, this transfer policy requirement was extended to include the unique credit transfer needs of student veterans and service members. 

Basics as your institution sets up an appeals process for military credit:

  • What decisions may be appealed by students? Acceptance of credit? Applicability of credit? 
  • The acceptance of credit is carefully delineated in the policy and it should be uniformly practiced by all institutions.
  • The applicability of credit will vary from institution to institution, and it is specified in the policy as appealable. The appeals process is initiated at the campus level. Students have 90 days to file an appeal on an institution's decision on course applicability at the campus level. The 90-day period should begin on the date the statement of transfer credit applicability is given to the student. Institutions should make this report available to students as soon as possible.


Items to consider as you set up an appeals process for military credit:

  • If your transfer or veteran’s office provides the initial statement of transfer credit applicability, and the student is dissatisfied, to whom does s/he submit the appeal?
  • If the veteran or service member is seeking to fulfill General Education or breadth requirements, does a committee of faculty review and decide upon the appeal?
  • How can your institution align this process as much as possible with your current appeals process for transfer credit?
  • Does a departmental faculty committee review credits that would apply to discipline-specific requirements?
  • After the GE or discipline committees make their decisions, where would it go next for review and determination of the decision?  Academic dean’s office, The Provost?