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Awarding, Transcripting, and Posting of College Credit for Military Training, Experience, and Coursework

Each institution has an operational process already in place to assure that incoming transfer courses are awarded consistently across all students with the same course.  That process ranges from entering once reviewed course equivalencies into a student information system or transfer articulation database to managing a document with a list of equivalencies or credit.  Reviewing military training, experience, and coursework by different faculty, as similar to reviewing any courses outside the institution, could lead to different credit and/or course equivalencies.  To increase the accuracy and consistent application of course equivalencies and credit for service members and veterans with military training, experience, and coursework, find out more about those readily available tools that some of Ohio's public Colleges and Universities are already using.

Promising Practices in Technology

  • TES
    The Transfer Evaluation System helps institutions streamline the evaluation, awarding, and posting of college credit and courses by providing course information and routing this information to faculty for evaluation and equivalency rules.  Limited access is available free of charge nationwide for military credit evaluation.
  • Transferology
    Transferology is a product of CollegeSource that allows students to enter their prior college courses and learning experiences to find out in advance how these experiences would transfer and apply toward a degree program at various colleges and universities.  Ohio's public institutions use Transferology to inform their constituents of course equivalencies and degree requirements.