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Statewide Credit Transfer Guarantees

Military Transfer Assurance Guides (MTAGs) 
Pertinent to the Ohio Revised Code 3333.164, the Chancellor has been charged with developing a Military Transfer Assurance Guide (MTAG) to streamline and systemize the awarding of credit for military training, experience, and coursework.  An MTAG is an advising tool and guarantees a particular course or pathway.  The work of creating these guaranteed pathways is under way.  

Ohio Department of Higher Education: Credit Transfer
Ohio’s Credit Transfer Guarantee opportunities include, but not limited to, courses and programs through Ohio Transfer Module (OTM), Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs), Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs), Advanced Placement Exams (AP), and Apprenticeship Pathways.  Ohio Department of HIgher Education’s Credit Transfer website offers detailed information about these opportunities, as well as the Articulation and Transfer Policy, completed research related to transfer, and tools and support for the institutions.

Transfer to Degree Guarantee (T2DG) 
T2DG is a student-focused website that provides details on statewide transfer opportunities within the public colleges and universities of Ohio.